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Be Visible & Ready when your Perfect Customers are in Buyer Mode.

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Be Visible & Ready when your Perfect Customers are in Buyer Mode. 

Strategy &

Understand ideal customers, talk their language, have a digital marketing strategy for reaching them.

Keyword Research

Our market and keyword research services show data and trends on what people search for in real life.

Competitor Website Analysis

Helping you to reverse-engineer the success of the leading competitors in your sector.


Website copy, content marketing and SEO for web pages, blogs, and social media.


Expert SEO services to increase visibility and traffic from Google and other search engines.


Our website audit service provides detailed analysis of your site and any barriers to its success.

New Markets

We’ve helped companies to grow beyond local, and sell into 20+ countries worldwide.


We’re led by data – digital / web marketing analytics is the foundation of our work.

Data Driven Inbound Marketing

… Expert Consultancy & Implementation

At 8X Digital Marketing Cornwall, we use market and competitor website analytics that provides the business intelligence needed to generate relevant enquiries and the best possible ROI from your content marketing and SEO.

We use clear strategy and data driven marketing solutions get UK and global businesses in front of their ideal customers when they are ready to buy a product or service.
Brand awareness is nice, but inbound enquiries are best – this is where we can help you grow.

Overtake Competitors. Break Into New Markets. Boost Revenue.
Data driven digital marketing UK

Just a few of the projects we’ve worked on: 

Data driven digital marketing UK


Free Green Business Support

... Consultancy, Content & Analytics

A key pillar of the business at 8X Digital Marketing is to use our experience and resources to help environmentally friendly product / service providers and green technology companies to generate more awareness and grow their market share against traditional solutions.

In 2023, we're offering free marketing advice and support to green companies that offer environmentally friendly alternatives.

Are you a green solutions provider in the UK or US? Get in touch to discuss how we could help.

Some of the toolkit for market research, competitor analysis, website audits and marketing analytics: